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Everyone tends to have the perfect answer to the interview question, “Are you willing to relocate?” Some responses may be totally affirmative especially if the job or role is a major career move you have long anticipated and of course, if it comes with a better remuneration. However, not all moves are financially motivated. Some relocation moves may partly be influenced by a need for change or work life balance, most especially if such a move is away from the hustle and busy city life in Lagos, Nigeria.

I had recently taken up a job that required me to make one of such decisions to leave Lagos and as exciting as it felt at the time, I was a bit weary as to whether I would be able to adjust in the new city I was moving to. And then I shared my impending move with close friends and these were some of the exclusive reactions I received! Lol…

Friend No 1: Let’s call her Drama! (Lol);

“Ehn, you are taking a job in Ibadan! What will you be doing there nah?! Or the pay was just totally out of this world for you to resist ni?” (insert intense rolling of eyes!)

Friend No 2:  Let’s call her Optimistic! (*winks*);

“Oh wow, that’s great, what company and which city! (I respond…) “Ibadan! Are you for real? Well, it’s a calm city and the cost of livelihood there is quite flexible, plus it’s not as hectic as Lagos! Not sure about the social life there, but you can always come to Lagos regularly since it’s just 2 hours away!”

Friend No 3: Let’s call her the passive optimist “the before-30-get-hitched-crew” (Lol);

“You are moving to Ibadan! Well, you never know, the change of environment might do you good. Maybe that’s where your Le’ Hubs is oh! As husband has refused to find you in this Lagos since you returned, oya come and be going to Ibadan and let me know if you find anything worthwhile there ohhh. I just might tag along…”

Oh dear! I had a serious laugh reliving some of the encounters prior to my move. Let’s just say I know they all came from a good place, but I was also excited and a bit unsure… As much as I had always wanted to gain full control of my life, space and time which work-life in Lagos and back at my parents didn’t accord me, I seriously wasn’t sure what or how the new environment would influence or impact my life…

It’s been 4 months since my move to Ibadan and although I haven’t fully explored the city due to work schedules, I must add that it was and still is totally worth the move! Like a dream – I seriously cannot believe that my alarm goes off at 6:30am! Are you freaking kidding me?  If this were Lagos, I would already be in the office, catching up on lost sleep on reclined car seats waving off the buzzing sound of angry mosquitoes… Once I had left for the office here in Ibadan by 7:40am and I was still able to make it in for 8:00am resumption time! (Chai! you can’t even begin to comprehend my excitement).

Asides the regular crazy taxi driving skills and unruly okada attitude, it’s been a total delight having to balance work, healthy living and fun (well, some fun) – something I never could do while in Lagos! I need to work the social scene a bit more, so Ibadan peeps in the house, feel free to recommend or advice on interesting getaway spots!

What are your thoughts on job relocation and what cities within Nigeria [or outside]will be an absolute ‘no-go area’ for you on a job? If you’re married and your spouse gets a job that requires him to move, would you be willing to move with him or her or would you rather stick to your comfort city?

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    • It has been “easy-come-easy-go” indeed! I still can’t get over getting to and from work within 30 minutes! Absolute bliss! Thanks for reading!

  1. Moved too, not too recently…& it has been swell! Oddly enough, I keep getting snarky comments from friends about my move/location… The irony is that whereas said friends are going thru the “grind” and “hustle” of their “metropolitan” city, I’m able to better/improve myself in my new city with none of the senseless motions [traffic, the-winch-known-as-NEPA etc.] that they suffer daily – and, my purse has been happier 🙂 which I think is a plus!

    • I laughed out so loudly at your reference to traffic and ” the-winch-known-as-NEPA” loooool. I can also totally relate to the “happier purse” bit too! *winks*

      Thanks for reading and sharing!

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