The Year to #DoItAfraid…


Hey lovelies, first off welcome to a grand year 2016! I’m excited we made it! Hope you all are as pumped as I am?

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So it’s the start of another year and there’s just something about years with ‘even numbers’ that gets me pretty excited. I just can’t put it to words; but let me try. For me, I guess I get more excited with even numbers simply because of what “evenness” means to me… like an opportunity for stability, equilibrium or a hard reset… Oh well, just my weird way of analyzing my ‘even numbered year’ excitement (lol). Anyway, I was grateful I made it and I certainly had that moment right after the clock hit the am of 2016 where I said to myself; I am doing it afraid this year!

For friends who know me pretty well, I get afraid! Sometimes “very afraid” of so many things… darkness, flying roaches, being home alone as a kid. I mean, I was this paranoid kid you couldn’t leave home alone because the simple sound of a slamming door would mean the presence of ghosts out to get me transported to ‘never never land’ (looool). I was almost always scared to be by myself. I remember this one time at home as a kid, my siblings and I were in the living room watching a show on television and then I decided to go get a snack from the kitchen. I was midway from the kitchen when the lights went out. I mean it was pitch black! You should have heard how I shrieked in fear at the same time doing a “Usain Bolt” back to the living room. Once I was sure I was comfortably beside one of my siblings my fear of the dark began to subside. Lord, everyone had just about had enough of “fear fear” Nkechi, their hiss could have brought down the walls of Jericho (lol).

So what really do I want to do afraid this year? A whole lot I must say. Living, loving, forgiving, learning, becoming, building, giving, entrepreneurship, self, health, wealth, etc. I have done my retrospection on personal achievements and as much as I am not where I was, I certainly am not where I want to be… The big puzzle for me is in getting to that point where I can say oh this was good, now I’m almost there! This time, I think it’s by that extra push even amidst the fears. It’s okay to be afraid as long as you decide to do it!

I mean the Nike brand got it with the slogan; ‘Just do it’. When I decided I would take my health and living a lot more seriously early last year 2015, I decided to get Nike trainers! Touché right? I mean, what other extra form of motivation to ‘do it afraid’ health wise could you require than just doing it! (*Side eye* Nike come and pay me for this unsolicited endorsement oh! Abeg the big bucks have to roll in! lol).

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Before I digress, I have decided to make good use of this fear, as it seems what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger! So rather than throw a pity party, complain and sulk about how it almost seems like you keep hitting rock bottom, why not just give in to that fear and do it!

Whatever “doing it” may mean to you or for you in 2016, I think it’s the time to #doitafraid. Hopefully I get to share my progress and story on what my ‘doing it afraid’ is about as we progress within the year! #WatchThisSpace.

So what would “doing it afraid” mean to you this year 2016? I would love to read from you. Feel free to share or drop comments!



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  1. princeoyelola on

    9ice piece Nkay, it’s alright to do it afraid this year, do it your way, do it afraid, just do it and let your fear limp you into conquering 2016. For me in 2016, doing it afraid will actually mean doing something extra, something away from the 8 to 5, being something different from the usual. Actually a couple of years ago i ventured into importation from China with my money other people’s money (OPM) and I burnt my fingers but escaped with my arms. This year I’m going back to my fears to conquer it! see you after now (keep the space) lol

  2. 'Bisi Afolabi on

    NK, awesome piece really. This is something most people will read and readily identify with.

    For me, I’ve always sat exams doing it afraid. Trust me, it’s been pretty helpful.

    Fast forward to 2016, a number of things I intend to do afraid; invest, save and love that person enough.

  3. Thanks guys for sharing your #doitafraid goals. I guess we all just need to make up our minds on going for gold even if the thought scares the crap out of us. lol! I’m sure in the end we would really be glad we did it, even if afraid!


  4. Afolabi Olawumi on

    I can remember two years back, I decided to set up my own Law Practice. Paying up for an office space was the final thing to do when this thing called “FEAR” crept in. I lost my courage and the fear of leaving a job that had become my identity and security became an issue. The thought of experiencing lack also stopped me in my tracks. Then I got another job and abandoned my plans altogether. But this year my resolution is to be audacious, doing it afraid, building up my courage and taking several leaps. Living my dreams, living life to the fullest and on my terms.

    PS: Lovely piece, Nk! Don’t forget me in your kingdom when Nike comes calling and the bucks starts rolling.

    • Hi Wumi, I absolutely loved the part where you mentioned your 2016 will be more about being audacious, doing it afraid and building up the courage this time round… Nothing beats simply living and becoming! Thanks for sharing!


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