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Our dear cupid has struck once again in the heart of Nigeria and has taken us on a journey of rich tradition and heritage to Anambra state; eastern Nigeria, where Oma & Kene took the bold step for their “igbanku” traditional ceremony. The arrow was again redirected to the city of Port Harcourt where under the eyes of God and Man the couple said I do to a lifelong commitment together.

At house of Bombini we are excited to share the love story of Oma & Kene and bring you pictures from their colorful ceremony!


Oma & Kene’s Cupid Story…

Both families had an existing relationship for many years. The couple had their different ties abroad were they lived. Oma moved back to Nigeria to settle and started working in 2012 & in October 2013, Kene relocated as well to Nigeria to settle. Destiny brought them together through Oma’s cousin. “I call it love at first sight…Kene says”. We met for the first time in a casual family visit to Oma’s house in December 2013. Distance was definitely not a barrier to their relationship as Oma lived in Lagos and Kene in Abuja. Kene says…”I found my soulmate in her (my other half) & Oma says…”He’s my once upon a time”. They got engaged in June 2014 and the rest they say is history…

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The traditional wedding took place in Anambra state on the 30th of December 2014 while the white wedding ceremony took place in the city of Port Harcourt on the 24th of January 2015.

We wish Oma & Kene a glorious life together, forever!

Love, from the House of Bombini team!


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