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At the start of the year I had shared a piece on “The Year to #DoitAfraid”. Click here if you missed it. I wasn’t exactly specific about what I really wanted to do for some reasons, one being majorly the fear that I would give up along the way (failing to conquer even amidst the fear) disappointing myself and probably readers who I had indirectly motivated to also #DoitAfraid this year. Then another unconnected fear that ‘someborri’ will come and “winchy winchy” my plans #zoombiethings. LMBO! Abeg na joke oh.

I have an honest question though. Why do some people keep their overseas studies or relocation plans secret? Are there really cryptic forces that can deny visas or freeze airplanes just because people knew about their travel plans? (This is a very honest question oh! Please help a ‘Sisteh’ clarify). You should have seen how my Mum constantly warned me to keep my study plans to the United Kingdom all to myself five years ago. When I asked her why, she said; “don’t be in a hurry to share the news oh, when you get to the UK you can tell all your friends” (me I still didn’t get it!) PS; Mama you know I love ya more than hot chocolate! Don’t vex when you read this oh! Lol.

By now I’m sure you get the drift. Anyway, one of my many “do it afraid” goals for this year includes writing a lot more. When I started out my blog I wasn’t sure I was going to be consistent with writing regularly. I was able to keep up with a “once a week” writing plan the previous year but it just frizzled out with time. And then I had to relocate to a new city on a new role (click here to read about my move) and I had promised myself that I would try to keep up with writing especially seeing as I would have more control of my time in a less traffic prone city, or so I thought! Anyhoo, I never really got around to writing much probably because I was so busy trying to adjust to the new pace of work and keeping up with KPI’s, so it was easy to shelve writing and focus purely on work. This time, I think I’ll just get on with it. No stoic rules or deadlines, I’ll take it one piece at a time and then build up the tempo. The great thing about consistent writing for those who can relate is that you also get better the more you write. Your expressions and style of writing become more refined and you kind of find a writing technique that works best for you…

My next “Do it afraid” task for 2016 is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Gosh, I have wobbled for so long with this. One year I’m way up the scales, next I drop some pounds midyear and then by a new year I’m wondering how I piled on all the lost weight with some bonus extras. So I’m getting on with it one pace at a time knowing that I need to do this if I intend to stay healthy and be around for a healthy number of years. I started following a lot of bloggers and health enthusiasts who combined both healthy eating and fitness routines and I must say that you can learn a whole lot through social media. I have adopted 3 major health routines for the next months;

  1. Clean eating – Nothing beats eating clean. I mean you can have your equal amount of nutrients to keep you going by being a lot more conscious of portions and balancing nutritional elements in your meals. I have always hated doing pure vegan or protein meal plans so finding something that works without getting bored was key for me. Now it really doesn’t feel like a lot avoiding certain food or snack options as long as I have suitable replacements. Social media has helped me innovate with meal replacements and finding a balance that works just right for me. Get online people! Find what works for you!
  2. Exercise – Fusing exercise and clean eating works simultaneously. I have always hated to run, so running was never a first choice for me when it comes to exercising. I will choose walking, sometimes briskly and very light jogging over running any day. The good thing also is that there are also over a million exercise routines one can adopt. I follow some fitness enthusiasts on Instagram and while going through their routines I stumbled upon a “Jumping into June Challenge” (jump ropes/skips) from @justrobbin and a “47 day Ab & Squat Challenge” from @healthy_everyday_living. These were fitness challenges that were done sometime last year. Since I missed the fun then, I decided I’ll start out with these and then incorporate other exercise routines as I progress. Mehn, after I had completed day two of both challenges (see details on both below) I couldn’t feel my legs. I mean my legs were literarily shaking I was too scared that I would be unable to drive to work. Sitting down nko? It felt like all my butt muscles were revolting. As they say; “no pain, no gain”. So I’m getting on with it!
  • Jumping into June challenge – culled from @justrobbin
    • Day 1: 100 jump ropes
    • Day 2: 300 jump ropes
  • 47 day Ab & Squat Challenge – culled from @healthy_everyday_living
    • Day 1 (15 Sit-Ups, 5 Crunches, 5 Leg Raises, 10 Sec Plank, 50 Squats).
    • Day 2 (20 Sit-Ups, 8 Crunches, 8 Leg Raises, 12 Sec Plank & 55 Squats)
  1. Living – As much as one of my primary objectives is to stay healthy this year, I also want to live and enjoy living. I mean, don’t you just want to stop sometimes and smell the roses? I travelled to France in October last year on a work retreat and as one who usually gets uncomfortable in unfamiliar crowds, I had thought I would be a “Debbie Downer” for the entire trip. To say I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the trip would be an understatement. From trying out new meals…


To mountain cycling for over 3 hours up country Bourgogne, France (ps; the last time I cycled I think I was 10. It was great relearning how to ride and experiencing the country side with my team. My legs were the better for it afterwards though. lol!).


And then turning heads during the gala night with my “Afro-English” ensemble…


The entire experience was such a delight to relive. I want to keep up the tempo this year by just getting on with living a lot more, engaging in fun unconventional activities (sky diving may just be in the offing this year! Lol) and making great memories while doing them. Nothing beats living!

Let me leave you with my first vlog on my fitness journey to motivate newbies/rookies like me to the team fitness & healthy living.

Disclaimer: This vlog was recorded spontaneously with my Samsung mobile phone after a refreshing one hour walk and is not intended to replace professional fitness training. For professional services please kindly consult your doctor *winks*.

Toodles and have a great week lovelies!


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    Always, Thanks for the re-encouragement to write and “do the goals afraid or not” I sure wish you a safe and rewarding journey 🙂

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